My Elkron Family is an app that remotely manages the MP500/8 intrusion alarm control units as well as video surveillance cameras connected to it.

A new and useful feature has been introduced to the app of the FAP54 EVO fire alarm control unit range to ensure building safety. The IP interface – that can be installed inside the control units – allows the control of fire alarm systems to be integrated into the existing functions of the app, enabling convenient control from a smartphone.

Learn more about FAP54 EVO

On the My Elkron Family app, the fire function for managing fire alarm systems allows you to:

  • Acquire the control unit automatically or via QR code
  • View system status
  • View information on alarms, warnings, faults
  • View the status of lines and zones
  • Manage event push notifications.

For example, users can use the app to associate a surveillance camera with a zone of the fire alarm system. This way, if an alarm goes off, they will receive a notification on their smartphone from which they can also view the images from the cameras.

The My Elkron Family app is available for smartphones and tablets on Play Store (for Android devices version 5.0 or higher) and on App Store (for iOS devices version 9.3 or higher).

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