The new generation Medea control units integrate with the Alexa Smart Home ecosystem, bringing a new level of protection for the home. In terms of the safety of the home, offices, businesses, and of course people, there are numerous tangible benefits from Medea being compatible with Alexa: greater efficiency and more immediate communication that allows advanced monitoring and faster intervention, if necessary; ease of management and activation of device commands.

In addition to being able to use Alexa voice commands, which allow you to interact easily with the Medea control unit and to arm or disarm the intrusion alarm, it is also possible to incorporate the management of the alarm system in Alexa routines. For example, in the “I’m leaving” routine (scenes) configuration, a user can include switching off all the lights, closing the shutters and arming the Medea intrusion alarm system.

To enable this feature, simply download and activate the special “Elkron Assistant” skill free of charge through the official Amazon Alexa app.

Click here to activate the skill free of charge >

How to use this skill:

  1. Install and configure the MEDEA control unit
  2. Download the My Elkron Key app and complete the user registration procedure, associating the previously configured Medea control unit with your profile
  3. Enable the Elkron Assistant skill via the official Amazon Alexa app
  4. Log into the account using your registration credentials (point 2)
  5. Search for the device using Alexa

The user can now arm or disarm his/her Elkron Medea alarm system using Alexa voice commands.

The user can also manage his/her Elkron Medea alarm system using voice commands even remotely, from any Amazon Alexa device. For example, s/he can arm the system when s/he has already left the house or ask the voice assistant about the status of his/her intrusion alarm system.

Click here to activate the skill free of charge >

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