The FAP54 control unit line is renewed with the new EVO models that enrich and diversify the entire Elkron digital fire alarm range. There are four sizes of control unit to allow installations that meet different protection requirements depending on the areas to be covered.

Moreover, the FAP54 EVO control units can be programmed and managed using two new software packages:

  • the configuration software SOFT/FAP500A
  • the supervision software IperFire.

The FAP54 EVO has a useful RGB colour display that makes it easier to recognise the status of the system and a new “11224” menu that makes it easier for the installer to perform maintenance procedures in accordance with the UNI 11224 standard.

Moreover, the user can easily manage the new FAP54 EVO control units with the My Elkron Family app, via IP connection, integrating also the video surveillance and intrusion alarm functions, further increasing the security level of the environments.

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