Medea is the multifunction intrusion alarm system of the Pro line with native LAN connection and high operational capabilities: thanks to its flexibility, it can integrate proprietary and/or other manufacturers’ technologies to ensure maximum interoperability.

The new partnership between Elkron and Hikvision expands the security ecosystem with video surveillance devices that meet the video verification needs upon alarm signalling and video control with live footage.

My Elkron Key app integrates Hikvision’s SDK to access video streams from the cameras. This allows users to view live the areas captured by cameras from the same application they use to manage their theft alarm and home automation. In addition, users will be able to receive alarm notifications from the My Elkron Key app and view the photo snapshots taken by the camera.

Moreover, thanks to the Virtual I/O function of the Medea control unit, the exchange of data between Hikvision CCTV devices and theft alarm systems and joint event management are even more effective: video analysis events detected by the cameras can be managed as “inputs” and the commands can be issued to the cameras as “outputs”; so once an event has been detected (for example, alarm for line crossing) by a camera with video analysis functionality, it is possible to control a “pre trigger” of a second PTZ camera, which will position itself in order to capture the area of interest.


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