IP/WIFI/4G Control unit

An ABS body with a glossy white front panel, small size and painstaking attention to detail. The elegant line and compact dimensions allow the new Egon control unit to be placed in any context and environment of the house. Not only design style, but also high performance: the real strength of Egon control units, in fact, is connectivity to the outer world, through a native IP connection with 4G backup.
Power supply: 230VAC /9V 1A Internal power unit + rechargeable battery 4,8V Ni-Mh, 1100 mAh
Duration: 15 hours (on average, depending on use conditions)
Transimission vectors: LAN + Wi-Fi +4G in automatic backup
Type of radio communication: Basic RF = 868 MHZ + ZIGBEE option = 2.4GHZ (1.2HA), both bi-directional
Radio range: RF = 2 Km ZigbBee = more than 200 m (in free range)
Integrated microphone/loudspeaker
Built-in sounder 95dB a 1m
Max no. of devices: 80
Max no. of detectors with camera: 6
Splitting: 3 sector + total
Max no. of users: 20
Max no. of log events: 200
Types of alarm notices:
· VOICE call
· CID/ SIA over TCP/IP, on Ethernet or GPRS
· SMS on GSM
· Video and images on Email /FTP over IP/4G
· Push notifications
Features: intrusion, fire, video surveillance/ video verification, home automation
Video verification with indoor and outdoor detectors with camera
Real time video surveillance
User local control: remote control/keyboards, voice assistants
User remote control: Elkron EGON APP (iOS and Android), EGON web portal, Voice assistants
Installer remote control: Elkron EGON PROFESSIONAL APP (iOS and Android), EGON PROFESSIONAL web portal
Programming: WEB pages via PC on the same LAN network as the control unit
Jamming control
EN50131 Degree 2 Class II compliance
Dimensions: 260 x 176 x 30mm
CE Certification
Declaration of Conformity
CE_80448 | pdf | 891.30 KB | ID: 610053
891.30 KB
ver. 19
The "Finder" software is a Windows application that allows you to identify and locate the EGON model wireless control panel in the local area network (LAN); it also allows the installer to program and manage it.
From Windows 7 or higher
zip | 4.85 MB | ID: 608845 | 17-05-2024
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BIM file in .ifc format
zip | 190.57 KB | ID: 631371 | 31-01-2023
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Egon Radio Intrusion Alarm System Brochure
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