Indoor/outdoor barrier

New active infrared barrier, strong, safe, reliable and easy to install. Thanks to its compact size (25x23 mm) it discreetly adapts to suit the most varied needs (for example it can be installed between the window and the blinds or the roller shutter). Microprocessor based SMD technology. The barrier may be installed either indoors or outdoors thanks to its polycarbonate structure, with its high mechanical strength and resistance to atmospheric agents (IP65 degree) and UV rays. Special design features enable compensation for expansion due to temperature changes. Maximum stability of wall-mounted columns thanks to intermediate fastening elements. EASY TO INSTALL: supplied with pre-wired cable, no special alignment procedures required. The synchronisation of beams is obtained automatically by way of an optical signal (without synchronisation cable). POSSIBLE INSTALLATION OF SEVERAL consecutive or parallel barriers thanks to automatic pairing encoding the first time the device is switched on. EQUIPPED WITH ANTI-REMOVAL AND ANTI-OPENING DEVICE on both ends. Alarm memory. 3 different operating modes: point-to-point beams, adjacent beams and cross beams. 4 models available for small- to large-size installations: EL20RT/05 (0.5m - 2 beams), EL20RT/10 (1m - 4 beams), EL20RT/15 (1.5m - 6 beams), EL20RT/20 (2m - 8 beams). Range: from 40 cm to 10 m for outdoor and from 40 cm to 20 m for indoor.
Column height: 2 m
8 beams
Adjustable outdoor range from 40 cm to 10 m
Max indoor range 20 m
RX-TX rated supply voltage: 12 Vdc
RX-TX min and max operating voltage: 10.5 - 15 Vdc
Activation time management: > 0.1 s (interruption of 2 adjacent means),
1 s (interruption of 1 beam only)
Output signal: PM (pulse mode) transmission
Alarm relay contact: 0.1 A@24 Vdc with series-connected prot. R=10 Ohm
Anti-tamper and anti-removal microswitch: 50 mA@12 Vdc
Protection degree declared by manufacturer: IP65 IK04
Certified protection degree (IEC 70.1): IP34
Guaranteed performance level: 2nd
Malfunction indication: Optic, with flashing red led.
Certified operating temperature (IEC 79.2): -25° ÷ +55° C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 25 x 2020 x 23 mm
Weight: 1000 g
Ampi Certification
User manuals
DS80EL10-001 | pdf | 662.57 KB | ID: 473908 | IT,EN,FR,ES,DE,PT | 07-11-2016
CE Certification
Declaration of Conformity
CE_80135 | pdf | 524.93 KB | ID: 651187
524.93 KB
Quality Certification
CCE80EL13-001 | pdf | 856.22 KB | ID: 273860
856.22 KB
BIM file in .rfa format (Revit)
zip | 654.70 KB | ID: 573197 | 10-02-2021
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Wired Outdoor Protections Brochure
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