MEDEA/64 Electronic Board

MEDEA electronic boards are equipped with two powerful microcontrollers, which ensure very high computing power, processing speed and large memory capacity with 1 Gb RAM and 2 Gb FLASH. A TTS text-to-voice conversion system (licence-free) and a dedicated audio codec circuit guarantee faithful reproduction of voice messages. Communication interfaces can be inserted directly on the boards and without position constraints; PSTN, 2G, 4G, WiFi and ZigBee modules thus dialogue with the CPU, at maximum speed and without risk of interference. The board offers a LAN port and two USB type B ports and another type A port, as well as 2 RS485 fieldbuses. The terminals are screen-printed pull-out type. A dedicated connector makes it quick and easy to connect the radio expansion card if it is housed in the control unit's plastic cabinet. Equipped with 6+2 programmable inputs expandable to 64 wired/radio inputs; 2 outputs (1 Relay + 1OC). Installer accessibility from Elkron Cloud portal and ‘Elkron Connect’ APP. Complete control from user APP ‘My Elkron Key’, able to manage intrusion alarm, video surveillance and home automation functions. IMQ EN 50131 certification - grade 3. IMQ EN 50136 certification - ATS6.
64 Points (In/Out) manageable by system
6 Inputs on board
1 Tamper Input (24)
1 Relay Output + 1 O.C. output on board
SR Power Supply (for self-powered devices): 1
2 Points (In/Out) ‘PrIO’ on board
Fieldbus: 2
1 LAN port
1 USB type A port
1 USB type B port
RTC clock chip,
Removable screen-printed terminals
3 Polarised slots for optional modules
1 RF expansion connector
Battery charge control
Deep discharge battery protection
The system manages up to 64 detectors 24 remote controls 4 keypads 4 external sounders (RF radio devices)
The system manages 30 Zigbee home automation/security devices (including 6 photo/video)
Tandem function (management of 2 in the same point)
16 Sectors
40 Scenarios
4000 Events in memory
150 Users
150 Keys
Automatic bus peripheral learning
Integrated web server
TTS (text-to-speech)
Annual/perpetual time programmer
IP camera, NVR IP and KONNEX GATEWAY management
Automatic NTP clock synchronisation
Remote system upgrade
Possibility to expand the system with: up to 20 I/O wired expansions - EP708, 3 radio expansions - ER700-RF, 1 Zigbee expansion - ER700-ZB, 16 keypads and 32 proximity readers on bus
GSM/GPRS interface IT700-GSM
4G/LTE interface XX
PSTN interface XX
Wi-Fi interface XX
Internet IP connectivity
Communication protocol SIA IP - DC09
Communication protocol SIA DTMF - DC05
Voice messages (TTS), SMS, push notifications, E-Mail notifications, Video and image clips,
Compliance EN50131-3-6 grade 2/3, EN50136 ATS6,
ABS box with 1.5A power supply unit
Metal box with 3.4A power supply unit
7Ah - 18Ah battery
User manuals
DS80MP1R-010 | pdf | 5.24 MB | ID: 595306 | EN | 22-02-2024
5.24 MB
DS80MP1R-012 | pdf | 5.26 MB | ID: 612717 | DE | 22-02-2024
5.26 MB
DS80MP1R-002 | pdf | 3.46 MB | ID: 595289 | EN | 22-02-2024
3.46 MB
DS80MP1R-004 | pdf | 3.39 MB | ID: 612710 | DE | 22-02-2024
3.39 MB
DS80MP1R-003 | pdf | 3.75 MB | ID: 640726 | FR | 23-05-2023
3.75 MB
DS80MP1R-013 | pdf | 1.71 MB | ID: 600967 | IT,EN,FR,DE,AR | 25-01-2022
1.71 MB
DS80MP1R-018 | pdf | 1.27 MB | ID: 600985 | IT,EN,FR,DE,AR | 25-01-2022
1.27 MB
CE Certification
Declaration of Conformity
CE_80481 | pdf | 790.52 KB | ID: 593582
790.52 KB
Quality Certification
CCE80MP1C-001 | pdf | 638.16 KB | ID: 618099
638.16 KB
CCE80MP1B-001 | pdf | 657.51 KB | ID: 618107
657.51 KB
Peripheral Devices to be Integrated into the Medea System
1.33 MB
Medea Multifunctional Intrusion Alarm System
4.86 MB

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