The intake smoke detector

The intake smoke detector takes actively the air from the protected area through a piping network on which sampling holes are made. A part of the air tak en is filtered and carried to the high-sensitivity Laser detection chamber. According to the actual smoke concentration in the sample, fire alarms are generated and sent to the management and control system through digital outputs (SPST relay). A flow sensor is placed at the detector input for the integrity check of the sampling pipe, generating the device fault warning if the sampling holes are occluded or an intake pipe is broken. The detector is equipped with a high-sensitivity Laser chamber able to promptly detect the presence of smoke and is suitable to protect areas up to 1600 sq. m. A maximum of 18 holes can be made on the sampling pipeline, each of them has an equivalent sensitivity to class C according to EN54-20 (entirely comparable to a punctiform detector). The detector provides two alarm levels (Pre-alarm and Alarm) through SPST type voltage-free relay outputs and a SPDT type relay output for machine fault signalling. The front part of the detector is equipped with state LEDs such as Alarm, Pre-Alarm, fault, system OK and a push-button to reset or disable the device.
1 alarm area - 1 channel - max 18 holes
Maximum coverage: 1600 sq. m
1 pipeline 1x110 m or 2x80 m
Cartridge two-stage filter. External filter option
Intake air flow control
LED display (5 LEDs)
24VDC power supply
Max absorption 245 mA
Dimensions (W x H x D): 224 x 225 x 85mm
Alarm thresholds: Can be configured from I to IV depending on the pre-engineered sampling
network according to the installation manual
Relay digital outputs:
- 1 malfunction relay
- 2 alarm relays with configurable Pre-alarm and Alarm threshold
Pipeline: 3/4” standard or 25 mm in ABS plastic material
Protection class: IP30
Operating temperature: -10° ÷ +55°C
Operating humidity: 10 ÷ 95%NC
Certification: LPCB - CPD EN54-20 - CE EMC - Sensitivity EN54-20 class C

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