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The power supply unit that replaces the PS108 is the PS515, available from our distributors

It is not possible to have the transponder/proximity insertion key on the MP110 control units

The spare parts are available from our distributors, or contact the Elkron installer in your area.

The MP500/8 control unit is compatible with the IT500CLOUD interface that allows you to remotely manage your system through the My Elkron Family app

We suggest having your system checked by qualified personnel at least every 2-3 years depending on the system’s composition.

You can install the IMG500/N GSM dialler, but obviously you’ll need a SIM

We can not guarantee that the router lines are compatible with your system. In general we recommend that you use a CT12M/B GSM dialler. Contact your Elkron installer to install this device.

Yes, this is possible. The most important thing is that the detectors are installed and calibrated correctly

Yes, the same electronic key can manage multiple systems

Yes, the CR600 and CR600PLUS systems can be managed via app as long as the control unit is connected and configured with the router and/or installed with its own SIM

Yes, you can activate, deactivate and partialise a CR600 and CR600PLUS system using the RC600 remote control

No, the IT500CLOUD does not replace the IT500WEB board but rather completes the range of interfaces for connecting MP500/8 control units to the CLOUD

Yes, you can install the MY ELKRON FAMILY app on multiple devices.

The FAP500 series Digital system includes four models: FAP541 (1 non-expandable loop, FAP544 (2 loops, expandable to 4), FAP548 (4 loops, expandable to 8) and FAP5416 (8 loops, expandable to 16).

We can connect a maximum of 32 control units in Master/Slave mode. Each control unit must have an RS232/485 module.

The maximum number of FKP500 remote panels that can be connected to a control unit is 16.

According to the installation standards (UNI9795), if the number of devices installed on a line is greater than 32 or if the line runs through several zones, it is necessary to close the line and create a Loop.

If the line is configured as a Loop you can connect a maximum of 128 addressed devices. If the line is Open you can connect 32 devices on branch A and 32 devices on branch B.

2 x 1.5 mm shielded cable

All control unit versions have 480 programmable software zones.

You can connect a maximum of 32 devices per zone/line.

For conventional systems, there is no need to close the line, but on the last device you need to apply the 3.3 Kohm end-of-line resistor (EOL).

No, as per regulatory provisions each type of device must be connected in a separate zone.

There are three versions of conventional control units: C402 (2 zones available), C404 (4 zones available) and C420 (4 zones, expandable to 20).


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